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At InHale Yoga, we understand that everybody is different, not only physically but also mentally and spiritually. Although all forms of yoga stem from the same ancient lineage, there are now as many different types of yoga as there are personalities!

InHale Yoga has such an amazing, diverse range of classes that you will be sure to find the one for you – come and try them all!

Here’s a little bit of information on each of the classes to help you to decide…


Baby Massage

Fridays 11:30 – 12:30

A baby massage course is made up as a five week structured course where you will learn the techniques of massage with your baby, gradually building up the strokes. Lots of benefits and plays a huge role in developing that special bond between parent and baby, whilst also improving sleep patterns, help alleviating common baby ailments, such as colic, reflux, constipation and wind. Small group classes so chance to meet other mums and share experiences. Each class ends with chat, tea and homemade treat. Suitable for babies from around 5-6 weeks old up until crawling. Towels and mats are provided and a bottle of premium organic massage oil and weekly detailed notes are included in the price.

Cost: £52 for the 5 week course, paid in advance. – contact teacher for details.

Contact Susan Kemp, Appleton Baby Massage 07900 867933


Beginners Yoga

Thursdays 8pm – 9pm

Little or no Yoga experience? Come and join a step-by-step 6 week course for beginners. Open your mind and body to a new challenge by building strength, balance and flexibility throughout. During the 6 weeks we will look at the foundation postures of yoga, explore alignment, breathing practices and modifications to suit you. There are limited places so book your place now with Libby.

Cost: £10 Drop-in / £7 Students.  Class pass available – contact teacher for details.

Contact Libby: 07976283267


Beginners Yoga 50+

Wednesdays 11:30 – 12:45

Join Libby’s Golden Yoga classes for the 50+, a well rounded, but gentle yoga practice that builds on strength, flexibility, balance and grace. Providing the basic foundations to enhance your agility, whatever age you are.

Numerous studies confirm, as we grow older, regular yoga practice has a remarkable impact on your physical well-being, while psychologically, it can keep your mind sharp and increase positive emotions, mindfulness and self awareness.

Now’s a good time to start!

Cost: £10 Drop-in / £7 Students.  Class pass available – contact teacher for details.

Contact Libby: 07976283267


Dynamic Core Vinyasa

Thursdays 6:45 – 7:45pm

Dynamic Core Vinyasa is aimed at building your core strength & pelvic floor connection This, along with the management of your breath, leads to a healthy mind and body as it downgrades the nervous system to a more relaxed mode. Combining this with intelligent movement patterns will open the body slowly so yoga postures feel relaxed and stable. Inspired by the Ashtanga system this class will concentrate on different themes each week to build a healthier, stronger and relaxed body.

Cost: £9 Drop-in or £64 8 week class pass

Contact v.shields@btinternet.com


Dynamic Vinyasa Flow

Wednesdays 9:30 – 10:30am

An energetic flow moving dynamically between postures to build up heat in the body and connect you back to your breath. Each week we will explore a new theme and as in all my classes there will be a strong focus on synchronising movement with breath. It is my intention that this practice inspires you to take the concept of yoga beyond the mat and into your day. Become the observer and rest in the stillness of savasana after the sustained effort of moving your body with intention and focus. This class gives you a renewed outlook and energy to kick start hump day and see you through to the weekend. Option: Extend the feel good with a delicious brunch at The Garden. A chance to nourish your body with delicious food and nourish your soul through high vibe interaction with your fellow yogis.

Cost: £9 Yoga only or £15 Yoga + Brunch

Contact kate@thegardenhale.co.uk


Face Yoga Course

Wednesday 11th September to Wednesday 2nd October 1pm – 1:45pm 

An exciting new 4-week course to learn how to nourish and pamper our faces, necks and shoulders – the parts of us that are all too often ravaged by stress, tension and the good ol’ ageing process.  We work so hard stretching, strengthening & just generally moving our bodies to maintain healthy & supple muscles & joints. However, we often turn to “quick fixes” to try & combat the signs of stress & ageing on our faces.  Let’s give our faces & necks the TLC they deserve & treat them to a little exercise & massage of their own …

In Adele’s 4-week Face Yoga Course, you will learn:

• Face Exercises to help tone & firm the 57 muscles in the face & neck, helping to reduce lines & wrinkles
• Face Massage to increase the circulation, lymph flow & remove toxins so you look healthier & more youthful
• Face Accupressure points to increase the flow of the subtle energy or prana in the face to help to reduce tension, increase circulation & give a healthy glow to the skin.
• Yoga Stretches & Relaxation Techniques that can help to release long-held tension in the face, neck & shoulders.

There are no contraindications whatsoever and is suitable for any age, gender and body type (including pregnant ladies).

Cost:  £40 advance payment for the 4-week course

To book, contact:  adele@inhaleyoga.co.uk


Family Yin Yoga

First Friday of each month 6:30pm – 7:30pm 

Come share your chilled Fridays.  The Family class runs alongside our usual monthly Yin & Restorative.  It remains an adult class but is geared more toward those who want to bring teens and older juniors – or indeed toward teens who want to bring their elders! – for shared space and serenity.  Yin is calm and peaceful.  Yang is active and dynamic.  Of course we need both but our swift-paced world tends to find life a little too heavy in yang.  So here we bring balance, and practice the transition back to peace.  Yin Yoga targets the fascia (connective tissue in the body), opening up tight, dense areas that can build up over time.  Blending yin with restorative yoga – where the body is entirely supported for the deepest rest – allows us to ease out, realign and thoroughly restore.  

Cost: £9 Drop-in

Contact Sofie :07967820260 / foz_swindlehurst@hotmail.co.uk



Gentle Yoga

Mondays 11:30am – 12:30pm (except Bank Holidays)

(please note between 22nd July and 19th August included, class will be taught by Kate Derbyshire)

A breath-led practice aiming to stretch gently and focus on mind & body relaxation. 

Suitable for all levels, from yoga beginners to seasoned practitioners.  Suitable for pregnancy and conditions such as Chronic Fatigue and ME, students recovering from illness, navigating through life events or with busy lifestyles.

We use the support of many props to encourages the release of muscle tension, and  make the practice comfortable, whilst inducing peace of mind. You are guided in and out of the postures.

The class includes learning the basis of mindfulness and incorporate a short meditation technique each week. It will be give your mind and body a recharge!

Cost: £9 drop-in. (Discounted rate for NHS staff)

 Contact Maryline: 07495 210874/yogaspirits@hotmail.co.uk


Hatha Flow

Wednesdays 8:30 – 9:45pm

This fluid and energising class will build on the foundation of my beginners class and is a perfect step up to improve and strengthen your practice. Guiding you through more challenging postures, flows and transitions which will not only challenge your mind but also your body and balance.

Suitable for those who have some yoga experience.

Drop in £10  / Class pass available

Contact Libby:  07976 283267 / Libbypinkess@gmail.com


Inhale Yoga

Mondays 9:30 – 10:45am / Mondays 7:15 – 8:15pm / Fridays 9:30 – 10:45am

Inhale Yoga is a “little bit of everything”. It is a beautiful mix of flow sequences, alignment focus and relaxation. The class is suitable for everyone as there are always options for modifications or taking the poses a little deeper. This is a fun and vibrant class that will leave you feel energised yet relaxed!

Cost: £10 Drop-in / £7 Students.  Class pass available – contact teacher for details.

Contact Adele: 07900 954292


Iyengar Yoga

Tuesdays 9:15am – 10:45am (with Andrea)

Tuesdays 8 – 9:30pm (with Cath)

Iyengar yoga concentrates on postural alignment and body awareness. This is not just to align one body part with another but also to achieve proper functioning of the whole person. If the body is aligned with precision then the breath is aligned with the same precision. If the breath is balanced then the mind, emotions and senses become balanced. Props such as blocks and bricks are used to help any student get the most benefit they can from the poses and from pranayama.
This class is suitable for beginners and also for more experienced students.
Please contact Andrea or Cath to book your place and for information on prices.

Contact Andrea: 07748116592 andrea.haywood@btinternet.com  (Tuesdays 9:30am)

Contact Cath:  07974936365  cath01.elton@gmail.com  (Tuesdays 8pm)


Lunchtime Yoga

Mondays 1 – 1:45pm

Lunchtime Yoga is exactly that … a yoga class you can fit into your lunchtime! It is a short, exhilarating, 45-minute class with an emphasis on fluidly flowing through the yoga poses to breathe away the stress of the morning and ease you, stretched and refreshed, into the afternoon. This class is suitable for all levels.

Cost: £10 Drop-in / £7 Students.  Class pass available – contact teacher for details.

Contact Adele: 07900 954292


Mindfulness and Meditation for Pre-Schoolers

Thursdays 1:30pm – 2:15pm

Build resilience, boost confidence, relax and have fun!

X-Hail Minis is a relaxing, yet creative and engaging class for 2-4year olds which helps nurture your child’s developing mind, support their emotional well-being and prepare them for school by developing their executive functioning skills!

Our signature relaxation techniques, mindful movement, crafting and magical storytelling combine to create a space where kids learn to:

Express how they are feeling;

Manage difficult emotions;

Boost their own confidence levels;

Relax and switch off;

Focus on important tasks.

Led by X-Hail founder and ex teacher Charlotte and X-Hail’s Safeguarding Trainer and ex-nursery key worker Clare.

Cost:  Special introductory offer of 4 weeks for £22

Contact: hello@x-hail.org  // Charlotte Collins (07713018508 ) // Clare Makin (07875762092)


Mum and Baby Yoga

Tuesdays 11:30 – 12:30

A lovely combination of postnatal yoga for mums and gentle baby yoga movements for baby.

Classes are gentle, caring, fun, safe places for new mums to target all those “ouch” places. Focus will be on shoulders, upper back, lower back, core and of course pelvic floor! This class is about bringing your body gently back to alignment, closing those overworked areas of the body after pregnancy and birth, and supporting your journey in recovering strength and tone in a safe yet challenging way. Poses are given at varying levels to suit each individual in the class. You will walk out inches taller and hopefully having made some new friends!

Babies are integrated into class through simple movements for baby based on the principles and postures of yoga which will help you and your baby to communicate, bond and best of all relax. Baby Yoga provides useful ways to support life with a baby, including different ways to hold and carry your baby; movements to help colic, digestion and sleep; fun rhymes where you can share a smile or laugh with your baby; socialising with other new parents and relaxation techniques you can use at any time for a bit of calmness in a busy day.

No previous yoga experience is needed. Dads, grandparents and carers are welcome, classes are not just for mums! A great follow on from Baby Massage. Suitable from 6 weeks postnatal, not suitable for crawling babies.  

Cost: £42 for a 6 week course that can be joined at anytime.

Contact Maria: 07949187982 / info@mariayoga.co.uk


Open Flow Yoga

Tuesdays 6:30 – 7:45pm

A flowing vinyasa-based class, balanced with time to explore individual asana, breathwork and generous relaxation.  Open up the body, the mind and leave a little lighter.  A fresh focus is set each month and within this, each class seeks to balance strength and suppleness in the body, to find a calm and spacious mind.

All levels are welcome.

Cost: £9 Drop-in.  Class pass available – contact teacher for details.

Contact Sofie: 07967820260 / hello@jordyoga.co.uk


Pregnancy Yoga

Wednesdays 7 – 8:15pm

Wonderfully relaxing and nurturing classes to help you stay grounded, relaxed and energised during your pregnancy. The postures, sequences and breathing techniques are designed specifically for the needs of pregnant women from the 12th week of pregnancy. Stretch away your tension and spend some precious time with your beautiful baby, whilst meeting other mums-to-be and embracing whatever may come your way on your journey through pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

Cost: £10 Drop-in.  Class pass available – contact teacher for details.

Advance bookings only. Please contact Adele to book your space in the class.

Contact Adele : 07900 954292 or adele@inhaleyoga.co.uk


Rise & Shine Monthly Morning Meditation

Wednesdays 6:30am – 7:30am (Monthly – see workshops page for more details)

Drenched in golden and orangey hues of sun-rise, this guided modern meditation session with a soundtrack of stripped back Ibizan anthems will set you up for a chilled yet productive and focused day ahead!

The perfect mid-week boost for your soul.

Contact: hello@x-hail.org  // Charlotte Collins (07713018508 ) // Clare Makin (07875762092)


Seasonal Yoga

Sundays 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Seasonal yoga is a fusion of Hatha Yoga, T’ai Chi and qigong. As the energy of each season changes in nature, the energy in class will change to create a greater harmony between the practitioner, both mentally and physically, and the world around them. Classes include Pranayama (breath work), meditation, asana (posture practice) & relaxation & are suitable for all abilities. By focussing on a pair of bodily organs, an element, a colour, a scent and energy lines (meridians) specific to the particular Season, this yoga practice teaches us how to become more attuned with the world around us in an experiential way to create a sense of balance, contentment and rejuvenation for the whole being.

Cost: £9/£8 Concessionary* Drop-in. Class passes & pre-booking available via https://bookwhen.com/truselfyoga

*Concessionary rates for NHS, Armed Forces & Teachers
* NOVEMBER OFFER: Everyone who buys a 10 or 5 class pass before the end of November can pay the concessionary rate.

Contact Sharon: 07732042918 / sharonwaterson@truselfyoga.co.uk


Teen Girls Yoga

Tuesdays 5:15 – 6:15pm

This light-hearted class helps to build strength and flexibility as well as giving generous time to relaxation.  Along with the specific stretches and dynamic sequences, there’s chance to explore breathing techniques for relaxation, focus, self-awareness and compassion.  It’s all offered in a friendly, safe and supportive environment.  Suitable for girls aged around 13 to 18 years but please feel free to get in touch and chat through in advance.

Cost: £6 Drop-In.  Termly pass available – contact teacher for details.

Contact Sofie: 07967820260 / hello@jordyoga.co.uk

Vinyasa Flow

Mondays 6 – 7pm

This drop in class is suitable for practitioners with some experience of Yoga. Vinyasa Flow Yoga incorporates classical teachings of Ashtanga along with Vinyasa Flow sequences that have been created to increase your flexibility and build your strength. Each class incorporates the use of breathing and relaxation techniques to calm the mind and balance the body leading to a greater sense of wellbeing.

Cost: £10 Drop-in.  Class pass available – contact teacher for details.

Contact Maria: 07949187982


Yin Yoga & Restorative Yoga

Second Friday of each month 6:30pm – 8pm 

Yin is the calm, receptive opposite to dynamic yang.  Of course we need both but our swift-paced, uber fulfilled world tends to find life a little too heavy in yang!  Yin yoga focuses on the fascia (connective) tissues of the body using longer-held, more supported asana.  The fascia extends around our muscles, bones and organs as a web which translates movement and communication throughout the body.  Yin yoga opens up tight, dense areas of fascia that can build up over time.  Balancing strength and flexibility in our tissues it offers benefit to those of us with relatively static jobs and slow-creep postural habits, those of us with specific sport goals and those of us who simply want to take better care of our joint health.  Yin wouldn’t be yoga without breathwork!  Along with the slower pace it brings a raft of benefits, re-setting the nervous system.  We’ve blended this class with restorative yoga (restorative being where the poses are entirely supported, without any muscular effort) for optimum relaxation and renewal.  Come revel in spacious stillness.

Cost: £9 Drop-in

Contact Sofie :07967820260 / foz_swindlehurst@hotmail.co.uk


Yoga Express

Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:30 – 7:30am

An early morning vinyasa flow class followed by a healthy breakfast jar and hot tonic at The Garden Hale. This beautiful mix of energising flow and restorative yoga will allow you to explore your body and mind, leaving you feeling balanced and ready for your day.
Drop-ins are welcome, although bookings are preferred when possible due to the breakfast.

Contact Jane & Sarah to book and for class prices : hello@theyogafamily.com



Yoga Flow

Saturdays 9 – 10am

Gently wake the spine, flow through sun salutations, hold postures to build strength whilst being mindful of alignment and staying connected to breath. Over the weeks you will notice your flexibility increase and your core and upper body strength improve which will have an overall effect on improving posture. Additionally by connecting with the breath, over time you will notice reduced stress and anxiety as you take your practice off the mat too.
Mixed level class suitable for all abilities.

Cost: £10 Drop-in.

Contact Amanda: 07590 842639 | hello@amandarileyyoga.co.uk


 Yoga For Sports

Mondays 8:30 – 9:45pm

Although this class is great for all levels, it is especially aimed at sporty men and women with little or no yoga experience but need to build up their flexibility, balance and whole-body strength in order to enhance their performance and loosen those tight muscles in order to prevent injury. This class will include a nice energetic flow to build the heart rate and warm the muscles, and will then focus on deeper stretches to release those tight spots. A really great class to complement any sport or workout.

Cost: £10 Drop-in / £7 Students.  Class pass available – contact teacher for details.

Contact Adele : 07900 954292


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