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Amanda Riley Yoga
Amanda Riley

I like to draw upon the different styles I have practiced on my Yoga journey so my classes are always imaginative, varied, dynamic and energetic with a focus on alignment, strength building and moving with the breath.
I teach yoga to everyone; athletes, pregnant ladies, rehabilitation, beginners and more advanced yogis. I adapt the class to suit the group or individual and their personal goals.
My teaching style is clear and informative but also fun and my classes are informal so students feel at ease and feel confident to explore their ability. I hope that my passion and dedication comes across to my students so they can also feel the incredible benefits of Yoga

Contact Amanda: 07590 842639 | hello@amandarileyyoga.co.uk


libby Pinkess
Libby Pinkess
Growing up with a love of sport, from gymnastics, five a side football and horse riding, I discovered yoga complimented my eclectic range of physical actives. Not only did yoga improve my body’s strength and flexibility but also had the same effect on my mind!
After practicing many styles of yoga over the last 20 years and finding each one brought new experiences (including helping me through pregnancy) I finally decided to train to be a teacher under the instruction of Conrad Paul, the yoga therapist and founder of Yoga Professionals.
My love of yoga has grown over the years as my knowledge has increased and my classes reflect that whatever your age or level of fitness, yoga can benefit everyone and have further continued my training in Sports Yoga with Sarah Ramsden, Yoga teacher to many Premiership Football Clubs

Contact Libby Pinkess: 07976 283267 | libby@inhaleyoga.co.uk


Angela Dobric

Angela (aka Mrs. Dobric) has extensive experience of working with children and young people. Most recently, she was Deputy Head at Loreto Prep School, where she shared her love of yoga, meditation and mindfulness with children and staff. Before that, she witnessed the positive impact yoga had on the mental health of young offenders whilst working as a Solicitor in the Scottish Criminal Justice System. Her ongoing love of yoga really developed through her personal experience of pregnancy yoga and sharing yoga with her own children when they were younger. She ran baby massage, toddler yoga and yoga clubs in schools throughout Trafford before dedicating herself full time to classroom teaching. She is now certified to teach yoga to both children and adults and enjoys focusing on developing the mind-body connection through conscious movement, focused breathwork and deep relaxation. Her many years of experience have led to the creation of Genius Yoga, offering yoga for children (Flexi Genius), adults (Yogi Genius), face yoga (Facial Genius) and breathwork (SOMA Genius). She is thrilled and excited to be joining the Inhale Yoga family as she embarks on this new adventure!

Contact Angela: 07940 476953 | acdobric@googlemail.com




Chloe Shaw
I am a qualified Children’s and Teen’s Yoga Teacher and Nutritional Therapist. As a Mum myself, I feel passionate about seeking to improve the mental and physical well-being of our next generations. I completed my diploma in Nutritional Therapy from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2020. I then went on to complete my 95-hour yoga teacher training with Yogabeez in 2021.

I started practicing yoga regularly in 2012 and soon discovered not only the benefits to my body but also my mind. I am passionate about sharing with young people the benefits I have discovered throughout my own journey so far, to empower them to live the best versions of themselves. My teaching seeks to provide a variety of tools that are accessible, fun and engaging, enabling young people to learn what works for themselves in order to feel balanced. I enjoy bringing music into my classes and use this as we move through breathing exercises, postures and importantly, relaxation!
These classes may count towards Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Skills/Volunteering/Physical section, please check with your DofE Leader.

Contact Chloe: 07841719204 | balancewithchloe@protonmail.com




Georgia Harrison

Georgia was first inspired, influenced and completely enchanted into the world of Yoga by Andrea Everingham. After many years of practice, her strength built and spirit grew… and then she was ready to help other people realise the super-strong transformative power of yoga. She completed her 200hrs with Yoga Campus and subsequently trained with well known teachers; Shiva Rae, Tara Styles, Sarah Lo and Steffy White. She weaves an elemental spin to her yogic offering. Her classes are primarily Vinyasa based and etched in her own personality – fun, free and kind.

Contact Georgia: 07375 418 420 | info@yogawithgeorgia.co.uk


InHale Yoga Studio The Yoga Family Yoga Altrincham
Jane & Sarah
Yogi sisters Jane and Sarah are passionate about health, wellbeing and all things fun!
Sarah and Jane teach skilful alignment of the body and mind through a mixture of dynamic movements and restorative postures. Their yoga classes focus on restoring balance in body and mind. Sarah and Jane love to challenge their student’s self-limiting beliefs by taking them out of their comfort zones. Their systematic approach to complex arm balances and inversions enable students to safely challenge themselves.
Sarah and Jane have a playful style, creating a welcoming environment for all. Their friendly nature is well suited for complete beginners to yoga. Those with underlying health problems or injuries can seek advice on yoga therapy from Sarah, formally a registered public health nurse.

Contact Jane & Sarah:  | hello@theyogafamily.com



Jessica Fisher

Certified Personal Trainer and Rehabilitation Specialist

Pilates | Injury Rehabilitation | Strength Training

As a dedicated advocate for holistic health and physical well-being, Jess brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the world of fitness. With a diverse background in Pilates, sports injury rehabilitation, and strength training.

Compassion, education, and empowerment form the cornerstone of Jess’s approach. She firmly believes that fitness extends beyond physical appearance, focusing on fostering a positive relationship with exercise and the body. By educating clients about proper form, movement mechanics, and the science behind their training, Jess empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their health journey and that true well-being encompasses not only physical health but also mental and emotional harmony.

Credential & Expertise

Pilates Instructor – Trained and certified in Pilates, Jess has an in-depth understanding of the mind-body connection and the benefits of controlled movement. With a keen eye for form and alignment, she guides clients through Pilates routines that enhance flexibility, balance, and core strength.

Injury Rehabilitator – Armed with a degree in Sport Therapy and years of practical experience, Jess possesses a unique skill set in aiding clients with sports-related injuries.

Strength and Conditioning Enthusiast – Jess firmly believes in the transformative power of strength training. Whether clients are looking to build muscle, increase bone density, or boost metabolism.

Contact Jessica:  | jessicafisher922@gmail.com 



Lucie Platt
Lucie Platt
I am a 200 hour Independent Yoga Network certified yoga teacher who trained with Studio One Yoga in the North West. I started my yoga journey and first realised my passion over 20 years ago thanks to my wonderful Mum. Since then I have practised many styles of yoga although mainly Hatha, Iyengar & Vinyasa Flow.

My love and understanding of yoga grew deeper and deeper over time which led me to embark on my teacher training with the inspiring Michelle Almond & Maxine Geary.

Over the years I have continued to attend regular workshops and courses with teachers that include, TaylorHarkness, Lesley Kaminoff & Mackenzie Miller.

In 2018 completed my Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Norman Blair which included an in-depth essay – Making a shift towards a more yin focused life. Most recently in September 2021 I successfully completed my Menopause Yoga Teacher Training with Petra Coveney.

My style of yoga is Hatha Flow a fusion of Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Iyengar yoga focusing on strength, alignment & you. Postures are held in-between flow sequences giving the body time to ensure correct alignment. This builds strength within the body and also gives fluidity to the movement by using the breath.

My classes are fun & vibrant with a relaxed and chilled vibe. Come join my tribe – Inclusive to everybody.

Contact Lucie Platt: 07718 538193 | Lucieplattyoga@gmail.com



Sofie Swindlehurst
Sofie Swindlehurst
Sofie teaches Vinyasa, Yin & Restorative yoga. She completed her initial training years with CamYoga (foundation & 200h) and with TeenYoga, before happily stepping to her Yoga Medicine 500h with Tiffany Cruikshank to layer her understanding of how the human body functions and how that can be optimised when fusing the strengths of western medicine and eastern energetics.
Sofie has worked alongside the balance team the University of Manchester & NHS Trust to offer yoga therapy to patients suffering chronic dizziness. She is also one of the supporting staff for the Yoga Alliance 200h Teacher Training hosted by Proper Northern Yoga, Kendal. And importantly, she serves as one of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Assessors for our Teen Yogis!
Inspired by the natural world, her teaching respects the effect that the seasons have on the physical and energetic body. Her passion lies in sharing the therapeutic benefits of yoga – be it to keep the body strong and supple, to heal or access daily calm. Yoga weaves into everyday life and inextricably connects our community. We are of the earth.

Contact Sofie: 07967820260 | hello@jordyoga.co.uk | www.facebook.com/jordyoga.co.uk | www.jordyoga.co.uk






Dr Nicholas Peters

Dr. Nicholas Peters completed his PhD in Sonic Art in 2019, exploring his music-making practice in relation to his shamanic journeying. Nicholas specialises in creating shamanic soundscapes, as well as improvising music in real time. His music has been featured on BBC Sounds Mindful Mix – The Sleeping Forecast, and his sync music has been used in the multi-award-winning short film The Youth of Nature. His commercially released recording of the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra is played everyday in India on Amazon Music and Amazon Prime. He is accredited with the IPHM as a sound and mantra therapy practitioner, a shamanic practitioner, as a chakra balancing and energy healer, and as a meditation teacher. As a sound therapy practitioner, he specialises in playing Himalayan singing bowls and mantra chanting/overtone singing. He also teaches on a Level 5 accredited Transformation & Heart Based Practices Diploma, a private course run by Dr. Liz Sparkes.

Contact Nick: 07842 322 592 | soundandmantratherapy@gmail.com



Vicki Shields
Studying both Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga has given me a deep insight into how to move beyond the limitations of mind and body. I encourage all students to start with their breath, which is linked to the mind and therefore our thinking. Structural alignment helps build the outer alignment whilst our breath connects us within.
I aim to make yoga fun and accessible to all with safe modifications to suit all bodies! I’m Senior Yoga Teacher with over 1000 hours of YA Trainings, in Asana, Advanced Anatomy & Advanced Pranayama. A dedicated Yoga practice since the late 90’s has transformed both my life from University Lecturer/Designer to Yoga teacher in 2006 as I observed its significant effects on my creative ability and levels of stress. I am one of the few westerners to be a direct student of Sri OP Tiwari, one of the few remaining Yogic Masters and sources on authentic teachings of the science and philosophy of Hatha Yoga and Pranayama in the world today and I have spent over 13 years studying with Paul Dallaghan, assisting him on his world renowned teacher trainings at Samahita Retreat in Thailand.
See www.ashtangamanchester.co.uk for full bio

Contact Vicki: 07957 361034 | v.shields@btinternet.com



InHale Yoga Studio is a Partnership by Amanda Riley and Elizabeth Hobbins.  The Partnership provides the studio facilities only.  Each class offered is run by the individual teacher as Principal and not by the Partnership.



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