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Evolve Yoga at In Hale Yoga

Evolve at In Hale Yoga



Evolve Yoga Training 200 & 500hrs is ideal for the passionate student of Yoga and aspiring teachers wanting to deepen their own practice and enrich their teaching.

Evolve Yoga Training focuses on Yoga as a transformative and therapeutic tool opening up the body and sense fields to access an inner focus. It is not just about the physical side of Yoga but how to develop methods of self inquiry and awareness. Yoga is the integration of Self and relationships, all of which start  with our own practice, living with an open heart and a clear mind.

Teacher Training Manchester +one Week immersion in Wales

200hrs – Feb 2021 – Dec 2021

  • This TTC is a transformative journey, a path to reach your full potential beyond the conditioning of body and mind so you can help others to do the same. This training takes place over 9 weekends at Inhale Yoga Studio, Hale South Manchester. It is a journey of self enquiry, a deep discovery of how Yoga can work to balance the body & negative patterns of the mind .
  • Development of a personal Yoga practice, taught by the UK’s leading experts in Asana & Pranayama and embodied meditation so you experience  ‘whole body balance’ .
  • In-depth Yoga Asana training from it’s Hatha origins to the sequencing of Vinyasa.
  • Anatomy of movement , understanding the structure of the body from inside out.
  • From gross to the subtle energetic body, learn how to shift the activity of the nervous system so we experience the more subtle realms through the breath, bandhas , mudras and mantra  and our relationship to the vibrational Uni-Verse.
  • The philosophy from the ancient texts and how we apply to our everyday lives so we can of live together harmoniously.
  • £300 discount when you book before Dec 2019.
  • email usinfo@evolveyogatraining.com for a prospectus today.
  • Practice first and then teach is our ethos, so that you can help others to move beyond the confines of their limitations of body and mind.


are delivered as modules of 40, 60 and 100 hrs this means they can fit easily in to busy teaching schedules and lives.

Our 200 and 500 hour Teacher Trainings are delivered to the very highest standard. Accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals.

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