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Summer 2015 Newsletter

SUMMER AT INHALE YOGA Summer has arrived (although sometimes disguised as rain!). However, it seems that many of us are heading to the seaside, including the teachers at InHale Yoga.  We are sorry but we are really scaling down our … Read More >>

Latest September newsletter

CAN’T BELIEVE SEPTEMBER IS HERE! We hope you have all had a wonderful Summer and are all ready to take on the World again, refreshed and rested. After the lazy languor of Summer, September is a time to put into … Read More >>

Look after your back …

Typical back issues… by Louise Tanner None of us pay much attention to our back until we get a twinge, an ache or, worse still something happens to cause a back pain that lingers… Most back problems are caused by … Read More >>

Living in the moment … practising Mindfulness

Living in the moment……practising Mindfulness. Nowhere to go, nothing to do. This is a simple mantra that I often use at the end of class during savasana. Of course we all have lots to do and places to go but … Read More >>

5 reasons why yoga in the morning is the way forward!

5 reasons why yoga in the morning is the way forward! After such a glorious Summer, Autumn is now definitely here. Many of us just want to keep pressing the snooze button in the morning because it can’t possibly be … Read More >>

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