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5 reasons why yoga in the morning is the way forward!


5 reasons why yoga in the morning is the way forward!

After such a glorious Summer, Autumn is now definitely here. Many of us just want to keep pressing the snooze button in the morning because it can’t possibly be time to get up – it’s dark outside!

I have a solution – early morning yoga!


I am going to give you 5 good reasons to drag yourself out of bed earlier and onto a yoga mat …


1. You may wake up Grumpy and Sleepy but after an energising morning yoga session you will most definitely come out Happy!

I don’t know anyone who has walked out of a yoga class feeling more tired, miserable and stressed than when they walked in!  Yoga has that very special ability not only to energise and balance our bodies but also to balance our emotions.  Yoga improves our mood and leads us to have a more positive outlook on life and the future. It has an amazing calming effect on the body and mind that will set the tone for the rest of the day.

A little bit of science: A 1994 research project in Germany compared a group of people who practised yoga once a week with a group of people who had never tried yoga and found that those who practised yoga had significantly higher scores in life satisfaction and lower scores in aggressiveness, emotionality and sleep problems.

Drive your colleagues insane with your wonderful energy and sense of calm first thing in the morning!


2. Yoga is actually more energising than a double espresso!

A yoga practise along with yoga breathing will stimulate both your body and mind, helping you become energised and clear headed.  Yoga stretches the muscles, awakens the body and enhances circulation. This phenomenal energy boost you get from practising yoga doesn’t fade after a few hours like a caffeine high does, the yoga high will keep you stimulated (and obviously stimulating!!) all day!

A little bit more science: In 1993, a British research team measured the effects of three different relaxation techniques – chair sitting (mmm?!), visualisations and yoga.  They found that those in the yoga group resulted in the greatest increase in alertness, mental and physical energy and lust for life.

p.s. If you really do need a coffee – you can pick one up as you saunter into work – early!


3. You can be very smug with yourself that you ‘re done with your workout for the day.

Don’t we all wake up in the morning with a vague plan to fit some exercise into our day? But then someone invites you for a drink after work … there’s that school recorder recital that you forgot about … you’ve just eaten a whole pack of chocolate digestives and can’t possibly get off the sofa until Downton Abbey is finished.  Before you know it, the day is over and all you want to do is crawl into bed!

The good news is that all you have to do is drag yourself out of bed a wee bit earlier, step onto a yoga mat and you have taken the pressure off yourself and you can spend the rest of the day focussing on your work, family, friends and of course life!


4. A Monday morning yoga class is like a little detox session after the weekend!

Had a big weekend?? It is well known that yoga is great at aiding the detoxification process of the body.  The body detoxifies via the lymph nodes and the lymphatic system releases toxic waste from the body through the breath, sweat and through your poo! (I sat for a while trying to think of an alternative here but “poo” was my final choice!). Here is how even just a 45-minute yoga practise can help with each of these methods of toxic elimination …

The breath: Yogic breathing is a beautiful way of cleansing the body. Day-to-day we have a tendency to breathe rather shallow in our chests – only using a third of our lungs’ capacity.  This short, fast breathing can lead to the body constantly thinking it is in ‘fight or flight’ mode and we never quite draw in enough oxygen or release out enough potentially hazardous carbon dioxide.  By learning breathing techniques in Yoga, we learn to lengthen the breath and use our lungs and diaphragm to their full, resulting in lots of lovely nourishing oxygen being brought into our body and lots of toxins being released out of our body as the lungs squeeze out any last drops of carbon dioxide.

Sweat: You don’t need to sweat buckets to detoxify – you just need to raise the heart rate and let yourself perspire just a little.  By practising vinyasa and flow yoga in the morning (sun salutations are great), you will most definitely get the heart rate going, build up a little sparkle of perspiration and start that detoxification process going.

Poo: A good detoxifying yoga class will include lots of twists and yoga twists are renown for squeezing the abdominal organs and stimulating digestion and elimination.  Just like squeezing out a dirty cloth, twisting poses help the body to cleanse and release any accumulated gunk.

(Mondays are Early Bird Detox Days at InHale Yoga!)


5. You miss the traffic jams, get a good parking space and never be late for work again!

Just close your eyes and picture yourself pressing the snooze button on your alarm once, twice, maybe three times – that “just five more minutes” somehow ended up as twenty more minutes and you are now running late!  Forget the shower and the lovely bowl of granola you thought you would have for breakfast – it’s a quick spray of deodorant and an over-ripe banana for you!

Now picture yourself sat in rubbish traffic – getting a little agitated … Now picture yourself trying to find a decent parking space (finding decent, free parking after 8:30am is nearly impossible!) – blood pressure rising just a little bit  … Now you’re late … stress levels through the roof!

Let me give you an alternative scenario.  Drag your sleepy self out of bed at what seems like stupid o’clock (I will let you picture yourself cursing here!) – a quick wake-me-up shower and that bowl of granola, a change of clothes in your bag and you’re out the door.  There is very little traffic and the village is like a ghost town – oooh where to park? Too much choice!  Saunter into Yoga and stretch, twist and breathe your way through 45 minutes of yoga and wander into work EARLY – ready to ease your way through the chaos of your working day with a well-deserved smile!

Sold it to you yet???


InHale Yoga has 3 Early Bird Yoga Sessions a week:

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 7:45am – 8:30am.

See timetable for more details …


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