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Welcome to InHale Yoga!


InHale Yoga Studio is a beautiful yoga studio right in the heart of Hale Village, Altrincham, Cheshire.

As the founder of InHale Yoga, I am as passionate about the studio as I am about teaching yoga. My philosophy for Yoga is simple – it should be enjoyable! I want people to practice yoga because it makes them feel good – mentally as well as physically.

InHale Yoga is a cheerful, welcoming environment for everyone to enjoy the many benefits of yoga. We all lead such busy, stressful lives and InHale Yoga wants to ease this tension through a fun and light-hearted exploration of yoga and meditation, so you leave your class feeling stretched, strong, stress-free and most importantly, smiling!

Quite simply, InHale Yoga is a wonderful, fresh space with lots of great, well-respected, local instructors running lots and lots of classes, so they can share their love and knowledge of yoga with you all.

InHale Yoga is unique in offering short early morning and lunchtime classes so you can easily squeeze a yoga class into your busy schedule, along with longer daytime, evening and weekend classes to give you more time to truly relax.

Alongside the wide range of yoga classes for adults (both the beginner and the more experienced Yogis) there are also Baby Massage & Reflexology courses, Yoga for Teenagers, Pregnancy Yoga, Postnatal Yoga, Baby Yoga, Yoga Teacher Training and lots and lots of weekend workshops.

Make sure you check out our timetable – you will be hard pushed not to find a class to suit you.

Thanks for visiting InHale Yoga!

Adele Offland xxx





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